This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
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Update 4th November 2014

I had an agreement with Martin Butler to not publish anything more until such time as he completed his research, ground radar surveying, etc., and published his next book detailing all this. After all, it was not my wish to ‘rock the boat’ and make things more difficult for Martin to continue with his most excellent work.  Late October 2014 Martin finally was able to publish this book and so he has now given me the go ahead to publish more here.

Unfortunately, due to the passage of time and the many projects I have researched since then, I have probably forgotten more than what I can remember! Yesterday I ordered Martin’s latest book (as soon as I knew it was published) and can’t wait to read it!

I’m sure it will refresh my memory, and I will try to expound any of it if needed - probably won’t need to though. It is always great to read things written from a different perspective, so I hope I can achieve this. I have copied Martin’s latest update from his web site page “WHATS HAPPENING” as it is well worth reading, and I’m sure it will enthuse you as much as it enthuses me:


Update posted by the author on 26 October 2014


Finally the updated edition of Tunnel Vision is available for sale. Thank you for your patience. So what's different from the content of the old book? A number of people came forward with additional information, the Ground Penetrating Radar investigation has been completed and some rather interesting photographs have been discovered. There is also a much clearer picture of North Head's function during World War Two.


Of particular interest there is now proof that 'sealed tunnels' exist at North Head and a recording between ex-minister of Defence Tizard and John Earnshaw explains why they were 'sealed' in the first place. While parts of the recording are in the book the full unedited recording will be put on this website shortly. There is now good evidence that a 'coverup' took place with the intention of hiding the tunnels and whatever may be stored inside them. Will the Boeing aircraft be there? There is only one way to find out and that is to dig.


In this regard my focus has shifted to getting the full support and commitment from the local Iwi who are the new owners of Maungauika, North Head and getting the new information out there to the wider public. Public meetings will held in the Devonport area shortly where I will provide a 'PowerPoint' presentation with a comprehensive overview of the Ground Radar findings and proposed physical investigation. Venues and times will be announced on this website as well as local news media.   


If you are prepared to help with getting the information 'out there' I am looking for a number of volunteers to support the Tunnel Vision project. I greatly appreciated a number of offers that have already been made in this regard and I ask you to contact me again now that the time is right. If you have some particular skill that we can harness that would be great.


And of course buy the book and tell your friends about it. Any money made goes towards the project. This is now the end game - let's see if we can turn this urban myth into reality.  Thank you once again for your interest and support!




If you click on Martin’s latest book image below, it will take you to his web page where you can purchase a copy:

I will continue my article here (at least initially) in the form of mini articles I wrote to Martin in the past in my endeavors to give him a helping hand (whether he needed it or not!) ....

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