This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
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North Head Boeings.

Now you will notice the position of this steeply inclined tunnel is in relation to where the gun pit was. Basically in the middle and slightly to the left. Note what appears to be people walking down the ramp.

Note the connecting tunnel (coming from the rest of the existing summit tunnel complex) heads directly towards this entrance so if this is the standard design, we therefore can reasonably expect the other gun pits to be the same, but we will cover this shortly...  This next photo is of this actual gun emplacement.Note the two openings in this gun emplacement and what appears to be a ammunition hoist at the bottom of the RH one. Also note the door sized opening on the left. Looking at the shape of the concrete vertical step-in on the far side of this door and comparing it with the shape of the concrete on the right hand side, I would say it would be a reasonable  assessment to assume there is a similar opening on the right hand side, in fact if you look at the illustration from the Mitchell Report, it does indeed show that there was an opening on the right. I have added to this illustration, by way of a green dotted outline, the approximate positions of these possible ammunition hoists and with the red lines show the immediate direction of the steeply inclining tunnel. With this in mind, it now becomes easy to understand why this tunnel is there and why it is so steep... Simply because when the concrete structure was removed it left a steep incline to the ammunition stores below... The stores that the authorities of the past were trying to deny that they ever existed! If you have a close look again at the photo that I will once again show here, you will note that there is a dark area to the right of this tunnel that is quite obviously the other ammunition hoist tunnel, but as they both would have gone down to the same room then there would be no point in using it, hence it is becoming overgrown. In this same photo again, I have illustrated various items. “a” is the LH steep inclined tunnel, “b” is the other partly overgrown one. “C” is the RH door entrance, and “d” is where the LH door entrance  once was. You’ll note how the entire area has been excavatored out from there, and I believe that this was done to enable the huge 7” gun to be dragged out. The gun appeared to be still lying in the demolished pit in a 1939 photo - three years years prior.  “E” and “f” are shown on top of the ‘tennis court’ of the era, and it has now been shown by Ground Penetrating Radar data that this is most likely an old ammunition magazine with possible ordinance still in it! Either that, or Martin now believes it was possibly used as the Radio Room during World War 2 - a photo taken inside this actual room in his latest book - page 256. What we are looking at is the concrete roof of it and the arrows indicate the probable size. I believe from this that the “d” entrance actually originally was an access tunnel that went up against

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