This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
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entrances., although I remember there was something strange in one section where we found a concreted gully drain that ran to nowhere, however that was not where this eastern entrance appeared to be heading. One explanation I can think of to explain where this entrance went is that it may have gone down to the lower level below this tunnel complex that many witnesses talked about. These lower levels below these guns were necessary for the efficient operation of these guns. The ammunition was hoisted up on chain hoists as per the Mk VII gun pits on the northern face and also as per the gun on top on neighbouring Mount Victoria, yet we are led to believe that it was not needed for these guns - even though these were in a far more strategic place! Who are these Officials trying to kid?  Many witnesses spoke of these lower levels and ammunition hoists. A few witnesses spoke of a tunnel that protruded out from the main gun on the summit in an easterly direction and on page 313 in “Tunnel Vision Refocused”, Martin has a copy of an undated Maritime Parks Board Map showing such an extension to this gun pit. For this tunnel to remain underground when heading in this direction would mean it would need to descend quite rapidly due to the bank in front of the gun and when you consider the fall needed to do this, (about 1 ft drop in every 3 ½ ft) I would say that where it ends on this map is where it enters the next level down and hence why it shows an apparent dead end as evidently each tunnel layer was shown on it’s own sheet. However, maybe this was only a “planned tunnel” and it was eventually dug differently, as shown in both of Martin’s books, the Ground Penetrating Radar returns indicate a turn to the south.







This in turn creates the possibility that maybe the entrance to the east comes from this tunnel? In various photos, I have observed more entrances being built further south, so if we continue this tunnel direction towards the south also, it does lead to some possible interesting conclusions....

Whilst examining all the photos, I had I noticed a couple of more peculiarities and they are shown in the following photos:

You’ll note the three arrows show what appears to be fresh dirt down the side of hill. This appears in several photos dated around this time.   





Note the difference the camera makes in these two photos and what appears to be a door on the entrance in the LH photo.





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