This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
Gavin Grimmer
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Hence, we now know that we cannot say for sure that when a report says East, or West, there is a huge possibility that they maybe talking of one direction when they actually mean the other.
This possibility of error is increased even more when a person is interviewing an eyewitness as the interviewer may think the eyewitness means one direction and the interviewer confuses the direction... in effect doubling the chances of this happening...
Take this into account when reading the next two accounts:

Matthew Hoy - Renae Wilkinson / Stroud Road

We lived at Stroud Road at the time.
I can remember hear a plane that sounded like it was in trouble. We stood out on the side veranda we saw the lights of the plane quite low towards the north west of us towards Monkerai then it disappeared behind the hills.
It was somewhere around 8 pm
t was very low. It was a windy terrible night and we heard it when we went outside. You could see the lights off into the distance just above the hills then it disappeared behind the hill.
was definitely not a search plane. I think dad may have heard another plane later but I fell asleep.
It was a noise I will never forget.
We didn't know a plane had disappeared until we reported what we saw to the police the next day.
e heard it, then walked outside. Dad spotted it and we probably saw it for a few minutes before it went over the hill.
I will check with him to see what more he can recall.
From Stroud Road if I were to look on Google Earth, the plane flew in a north westerly direction, or further north.... say more north than west?
Yep more north than west.

Jesse Miller – D. Peters / Stroud Road

D. Peters of Stroud said that on the night MDX disappeared he and his family were listening to the rain when they heard a buzzing that got louder coming straight through his front door. It was to the north a ways he said. It sounded like it was coming south for a bit and then turned west or south west. He looked out the front and could see a beacon flashing - a red one he believes. He noted the time to be 7:45 pm that night. He also stated it would of still been in the hills to the north west of stroud... from Corner of Melntyre St and Karuah St, Stroud Road.

Note that both of these reports say it went in a westerly direction, yet if you reverse this direction to the east, suddenly these two reports make perfect sense and tie in with the previous Reports... especially Donna Krane’s one!!!
To prove this, I was fortunate enough to make contact with Renae Wilkinson and on her approval, she is happy for me to name her... especially if it helps find these missing men!

This is the relevant sections of my Facebook Messenger conversation with her:

1/ what was the street address in Stroud Road that you heard it from?
2/ Why do you think it was making an unusual noise?

Hi Gavin, Our address was Reidsdale Road, Stroud Road. It was the property just over the Kaurah River. We often used to get planes flying over but this one was a lot louder than any other. The noise was like it was really labouring if that makes sense?

Many thanks for replying Renae and so quickly. I take it that it is the house shown in the bottom of the image here and I guess the trees were not there then? Labouring hard makes sense. Some people said it sounded like a buzzer (an out of the ordinary noise). Would that sound right, or just like it was on a much higher power setting than the usual planes that flew over?

Yes thats the house

You know when a plane hits wind and the noise seems to change it was like that but just really loud

Was like it was being revved but not going anywhere type of sound

Yes, thanks, I understand. Leave me a few hours and using a bit of technology, I'll send you back another Google Earth Image depicting where you saw it (without you telling me) and where it disappeared behind the hill out of sight,. This will be based on where I believe it flew and the course it took based on where I have tracked it so far. If you say it is correct, then we'll know that I have it correct... if that makes sense?

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