This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
Gavin Grimmer
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I’m sure you will agree by now, I think we have a pretty good argument to suggest that we now have the correct ‘haystack’, and it’s going to be much easier to find the ‘needle!’

In the case of the person seeing it ‘go in’, I have an agreement with the family that told me of this, to not make the location known publicly until they have had time to check out the relatively small areas that I have been able to pinpoint it to… and this is due to personal reasons of the family… but I have an agreement with them if they don’t manage to find it in those areas, then, and only then will I make it public as they will then need all the help they can get!
This help will need to be in the form of as many feet on the ground as possible.

If it is not found in the relatively small defined areas I have triangulated it to be, will mean it is in a much larger area than we presently think.

They hope to have this accomplished around the end of December… so watch this space!

I say again, “I see all of this mystery as being like a huge jig-saw puzzle, and we all have a part to play in it,” and if anyone has information that could help in finding them, and withholding it, they simply are not playing their part, and are in fact hindering and maybe even preventing MDX being found!

This also applies to organisations who decide they are “Judge and Jury” on what is to be released.

The Police over here in NZ used to have this same attitude, and struggled to solve cases. It was not until they opened up and sought after the public’s help, that they found they could solve them.

This of course does not mean releasing information that could be upsetting and damaging to the families... especially if it is only supposition and based on rumours... wisdom is the key!

If there is anyone that does have information they feel should be shared, then please visit Richard Murray’s Facebook Blog-site of “The Search for VH – MDX” and post on there your information.  


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MDX pg 41

Update  9 January 2019

Sadly, It didn’t work out for the family search, so as it is unfair on the families who are long overdue for finality in this matter,  I have decided to tell you all now anyway.... as promised.

A group of us (with me doing what I can from here in NZ via Internet, of course...) have

been trying to plan another search, but are struggling to find a suitable weekend due

to the heat wave you are all experiencing over there.

I found an object on "6 Map" right on course of where I had calculated it to be, and it was checked out and found to be just a dead tree that had somehow got stretched out of proportion somehow on the "6 Map" image. This was checked on a day that turned out to be up in the range of 40 degree C, so the searchers found it very difficult!

The observer (Jimmy) on the night of the disappearance was attempting to secure their caravan from blowing down the hill due to a very strong southerly wind that had not long started. Their position was towards the base of Peppers Mountain about 4.3 nm north of Stroud at an elevation of 300 ft.

He saw the plane traverse across the valley not that far from him and commented how it was

“all over the place”, going down, and saw it go into the valley opposite and it didn’t reappear.

As previously stated in the previous update, sadly he has now moved on from this life, so all we now have to go on is his remaining family’s memories, and the memory of his best friend and neighbour at the time – Glen.

Glen and Jimmy, both did a search within 12 months of the time on horse back, but didn’t manage to get too far due to the difficulties of the terrain making it too hard on the horses.

Over the years, other family members and relations also conducted searches in various areas, but to no avail.

I contacted Glen by telephone, but for me at that time being very unfamiliar with the

area, really struggled to understand what he was meaning as the places he mentioned

meant nothing to me.

Glen like many older generation people, doesn’t have the foggiest clue on how to use emails, Internet, text messages, and the like, so I asked Steven Oliver to print off some GE images of the area and visit Glen as Glen now lives not that far from Williamtown Air Force base - where Steven works.