This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
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The following  is the Ardmore Aircraft Movements 1700 to 1831:

TIME  Regis.       Model     Colour                Landed From             Departed to

1702     EWD       C172   Blue & White                Great Barrier Island

1704     EOA        C172                                                                        Waiheke Island

1707     EJF          C152   Brown & White           NZAA (Auckland Int.)

1712     EJC          C207  Brown & White               Waiheke Island

1712     ELK         PA32  White, Blue & Gold Stripe  Waiheke Island

1718     ENX         PA32  White, Red & White Stripe     Kaikohe

1726     DSK         PA32  Olive green & White           Local Flight

1727     CGM        Victor Yellow                                 Local Flight

1728     EOA         C172                                   Waiheke Island

1729     HKG         H300                                       Circuits

1739     ENX         PA32 White, Red & White Stripe                                         NZAA

1743     NDA         PA32 White, Light & Dark Brown Stripe                                        NZAA

1749     EJF           C152  Brown & White                                                                   NZAA

1758     NDA         PA32                                                                        Whangarei (NZWR)

1800     DRQ         C172  Red & White                                                       Great Barrier Island

1802     ENX          PA32  White, Red & White Stripe    Circuits

1809     WAB         PA38  White                                                                  Local

1812     WAD         PA38  White                                                                            Local (Returned 1856)

1820     EWD         C172  Blue & White                      NZAA  

1831     WAB         PA38  White                                Local

You’ll note that the only aircraft that were on local flights that could explain the aircraft seen SW of Hunua heading towards Ardmore is Victor Airtourer ZK-CGM and Waitamata’s Piper Cherokee ZK- DSK, and seeing as it appears ZK-CGM approached and joined from Clevedon, then the aircraft seen had to be ZK-DSK. This aircraft flew: AR - PK East- Ramarama - AR on an earlier flight flown between 1651 to 1726.

This was a flight of 35 minutes and would have covered about 60 n.miles, when allowing for lower ground speeds for take off and landing.  

Below is the possible flight path shown on Google Earth (yellow line) and although this course measures out to a bit over 50 nm, it would only take an orbit (or two) over an area of interest (such as a friend’s house) to increase this distance.

This course gives even more credence to the sighting of a plane in the direction of Paparimu School as being ZK-WAC as if ZK-DSK had flown further south, I’m sure it would have recorded the course as to at least Bombay (or further) to allow for it to be in that area. It was in this area later in the evening when it was searching for ZK-WAC.  I have drawn the track heading over to the area near Hunua township for two reasons: One being as an explanation for the sighting of a plane heading towards Ardmore at about that time, and the other being that the Waterworks is a natural reporting point recommended for pilots approaching or departing the area. As the wind was favouring the 21/25 runways, this would have been a good area to join from.  

The Pinnacle Hill eyewitness saw a plane diving on an steep acute angle towards the ground, and this to me  could only be a plane in trouble or an aerobatic plane doing aerobatics... certainly not a Piper Cherokee, or Tomahawk on a training flight.

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