This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
Gavin Grimmer
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 Thinks aircraft (TAPPERS) was in the day before.

The only reason that he is certain it wasn’t him is because it did not circle the hut. But he had had a message to say that he wasn’t needed.

Was TAPPER seen to see when he was last been in area.
Through trees. – can’t be certain – what 10 min later

He thought it was Jules TAPPER
Sound of aircraft going down not one coming up
Faded away up Upper Pyke Saddle. Considers sound to loud to go up Ridges
     1 Outline of aircraft
     2) Did have watch. – didn’t look at it.

Rain drenched area. 9am – 6pm to go up area (unsure if I’ve read this correctly- hard to read)
??????? it was same time.   (??????? could be "Convinced")

Jet boated down Martins Bay.  Friday.
           Saturday –

Never saw Jules TAPPER

Doug Maxwell – first fine day. – when fur skins out HALLETT
    2 days –

1) Saw the aircraft at Alabaster, heading South towards the Hollyford

1) Saw the aircraft go up then come up. – Time lapse before aircraft go up –
then come back down
I was on the eastern side Lake Alabaster – 1000’ in the bush. Walk out onto vantage point. Looked down onto it

2). What height when first heard aircraft. – 1000 – 1200’
Did not see aircraft at that stage. Don’t know that it really was aircraft. Only presume. Saw aircraft on the second time he heard a plane. Heading North going up Lake Alabaster.

3) Low flying up Valley obviously looking for a gap, because it was hard on the eastern side looking for a break in the fog. Was not in cloud had broken out of it. What was the height when seen – 1000’
(the 1 looks like a 7) was not in cloud.

4) Did not see registration did not take notice.

Did not know that it wasn’t Jules TAPPER. When he first glimpsed aircraft thought it was Jules TAPPER.
Thought it was his after he had seen it. – TAPPER.
The next day- (crossed out)
Can’t say for definite it was Wednesday - (crossed out). Definitely Wednesday.
Wednesday did lines,
(opossum trapping lines) Thursday skinned all day. Friday left for Martins Bay. Left camp late afternoon 5pm.
Saw aircraft. Did not take much notice of aircraft.
Naturally took it for TAPPER. Looked like TAPPERS Plane.
(Knew) it was a 180.

5) Up Alabaster. eastern side. Did not see anything.
Heard aircraft for another 10 mins after last seen.
??? noises better up  
forgotten - (crossed out) Valleys than in bigger valleys.

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