This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
Gavin Grimmer
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The thing that is really puzzling is that why hadn’t the local landowners ever noticed it?
It appears to be right on the edge of open farmland.
After being in there and seeing the layout of the land, I initially felt this could be answered by the fact that the land there is very steep and it may have been out of sight unless you were almost right on top of it. This theory can be backed up as a possibility  as I have three aerial photos taken on the 1st March 1949. Two of them were taken from an east to westerly run, 1.4 nm to the south, 20 seconds apart, and the third was 0.9 nm to the north - all shots were taken at 16000 ft.
The two taken from the south have the object visible whereas the one from the north doesn’t. This would indicate that the object is in a hollow obscured from vision from the north and on a southern facing slope.
Frustratingly, after all this work, while researching everything to add these pages to this site, I discovered another probability of what the object could be.
Trying to compare all three 1948 photos (photographed from 16000 ft) and then comparing them against the much higher resolution 1962 photo (12000 ft), I was able to confirm a much closer position of the object on the 1962 photo and then realised that it possibly was the sunlight lighting up part of a solitary tree that was part in the shadow of the cliff, and part way out into the rising sun!
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On further thought into this though, I’m still not sure as the tree only measures 15 feet across, whereas the object was more like 30 ft, which means there was not enough tree to reflect the sunshine.
Maybe the Tiger was against this tree or close to it and in the intervening 13 years between the photos, had moved down into the stream below?
This could help explain why it had not been seen by the farm owners.
Trevor was deerstalking when he saw it which would likely mean that it was in bush and the only bush there in 1962 was in the bottom of the valley, along the stream.

When we get a better stretch  of weather, I intend searching the stream area in this valley - just to be sure....

I’m told that Trevor was a bit of a story teller and not to believe everything he said.
I do find however, that it is quite feasible that if Trevor did find a wreck then it is possible that he, like so many others have done, didn’t think a lot about it, thinking that it was just a wreck that someone knew about and had been abandoned, and so just forgot about it.
I quite often remember things that I have done or seen in the long distant past by having my memory  “jogged” by various sights as I drive along the road, so I have no problem believing that this is why Trevor never told anyone (that we know of) until he was driving through there with Chris Morris.
Maybe someone reading this may know more about all this and if so, please get hold of me?
I’ve been told that Trevor wrote a few books about his deerstalking days.
He told Chris that he saw the Moth in his deerstalking days and so maybe he mentioned something about it in one of his books?
If you have read his books and come across anything that may help, please let me know.
Photo: Chris Morris
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