This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
Gavin Grimmer
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Below is a couple of shots off Google Earth, and  you’ll note in the bottom one that the river appears to be a dead end on the right.

With this scenario in mind, I can portray (using Google Earth) an area that he likely disappeared in if we use the top of the hills as the base of the cloud. Why this base you might ask? Because if the cloud was higher, he would have been higher and most likely would have been able to see the correct direction to go.

Whether this scenario is correct is yet to be seen, but if I had a magnetometer that I could hang below my aeroplane, then it would certainly be worth a go. The area is not large in the scheme of things, but it contains some very dense areas of inaccessible bush.

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