This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
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6th July 2012:          NZ2425 - Another plane added (2 x pages)

12th Oct 2012:          ZK-EBU - 12 pages added (Total of 13)

27th Nov 2012:         ZK-FMQ - 1 and a bit pages added (Total of 26)

28th Nov 2012:         ZK-HNW FOUND! 3 pages added (Total of 16)  

29th Jan 2013:          ZK-BMP  1 page added (Total of 28)

  “      “       “              Sighting Reports   Report 21 added

19th Mar 2013:         Sighting No. 6   SOLVED!

26th April 2013:       North Head Boeings 3 pages added (Total of 3)

14th May 2013:        Sighting Reports  Report 22 added

   9th July 2013:        ZK-AFB 3 pages added (Total of 8)

  9th Aug 2013:        ZK-WAC 9 pages added (Total of 10)

13th Sept 2013:        ZK-WAC 6 pages added (Total of 16)

22nd Sept 2013:       ZK-AFB  1 page added (Total of 9)

   8th Oct 2013:       ZK-WAC 3 pages added (Total of 19)

  15th Oct 2013:       ZK-WAC 2 pages added (Total of 21)

  2nd Jan 2014:        NZ5517  16 pages added (Total of 26)

  9th Feb 2014:        ZK-CSS   1 page added (Total of 15)

18th Mar 2014:        ZK-CSS   Explanation of photograph object

21st Mar 2014:       ZK-EBU 1 and a bit pages added (Total of 14)

10th June 2014:       ZK-AFB 3 pages added (Total of 12)

  5th Nov 2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS  5 pages added (Total of 8)

  6th Nov 2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS  14 pages added (Total of 22)

22nd Nov 2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS  Photo added to page 10

24th Nov 2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS 4 ½ pages added (Total of 26)

28th Nov 2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS 3 pages added (Total of 29)

 5th Dec  2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS 4 pages added (Total of 33)

11th Dec 2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS 11 pages added (Total of 44)

19th Dec 2014:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS  4 pages added (Total of 48)

  4th Jan 2015:        Sighting Reports  Another Report added (Total of 23)

19th Jan 2015:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS  7 pages added (Total of 55)

 2nd Feb 2015:       NORTH HEAD BOEINGS  1 page added (Total of 56)

28th Aprl 2015:       Sighting Reports  Another Report added (Total of 24)

                                  “Campbell Live” TV3 Article ZK-EBU  5th March 2015     

  7th May 2015:       ZK-EBU   4 pages added  (Total of 18)  

11th May 2015:       Search Techniques  5 pages added (Total of 5)

22nd July 2015:       VH-MDX   (Finally!!!) 26 pages added (Total of 26)  Australia's only one!

                                   plus link within the article to 22 pages Radio Comm's Timeline

28th July 2015:        VH-MDX  Summary added, and page at end of article to record changes 12th Aug 2015:        FORUMS  have now been moved to

                                    We now have a Facebook page    

15th Sept 2015:        ZK-WAC  Another page added (Total of 22)  

                                    VH-MDX Another page added with update (Total of 28)

  7th Feb 2016:        VH-MDX Another update    

20th Sept 2016:        VH-MDX  Another 4 pages added (Total of 32)  

23rd June 2018:       My Book offered as free download  

29th  Nov 2018:        VH-MDX  Another 10 pages added (Total of 42)

   9th Jan 2019:        VH-MDX  Another 7 1/2 pages added (Total of 48)

 9th April 2019:        VH-MDX  Another 12 1/2 pages added (Total of 62)

22nd April 2019:       NZ5517     Another two pages added (Total of 28)

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