This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
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NZ5544 Corsair
Email dated 24-12-2007:

Hi Richard,
I spoke to Lyall Hood by telephone again yesterday and he said that the object on Google Earth was in the exact spot that he had seen what he believed to be just permafrost but he said he was puzzled as to why it was still exactly the same shape that he had seen it as in 1967!!
At this stage I intend to conduct some experiments to see if a wood and fabric structure painted white, frozen in ice, to see if it takes longer to thaw out than an equivalent sized block of ice, and if the results are what I think they will be then it should explain a lot!
You will also notice that the G.E. image looks like the right hand wings and rear stabilizer/elevator which would strengthen the theory that they could have been taken off if the a/c did in fact go into the "cavern"(for want of a better word) - only time will tell!
If it did in fact go into the mountain "wall" the last thing you would do to avoid hitting would be to pull the nose of the aircraft very high which would explain why the bottom wing is badly damaged from the impact. The top right hand wing, being attached by struts and guy wires would in this scenario quite possibly snap off from the fuselage relatively intact and with little damage (as most of the inertia would have been absorbed) and as the motion of the resulting impact would cause the tail to accelerate downwards (rather than forward) and snap the stabilizer/elevator assembly off and, once again, in this scenario it is not inconceivable that this could also retain its basic shape .

  The latest Google Earth image taken on the 4th May 2006

The rest of the aircraft would then continue nose high into the "cleft" (I think is probably a better word to describe it) in the rock and would more than likely explode from the immediate compression on the fuel tanks in the left wing and so there would probably not be a lot left.
This would explain why two separate women heard an explosion 15 - 20 miles away as the dead ended valley with a cloud base covering it would tend to act as a megaphone!
This is of course, is all pure conjecture, but it could explain things - something to think about!


Email dated 27th December 2007:

Hi Lyall,

Good to talk to you again last Sunday.
On reflecting on what you said, would I be correct in saying that you went on Google Earth and checked the position of the object that you saw in 1967 and discovered that it was the same as the image that I sent you?
Would I also be correct in saying that you mentioned that you had even commented to your wife that it was strange that the object still looked the same after all these years?
I have found that sometimes the things that people tell me, I understand them incorrectly and so come to the wrong conclusions!
I'm only asking you this as your answers could be of vital importance.    Gavin Grimmer
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